Tax Compliance
Our tax compliance service is a package of handling tax matters to meet all regulations issued by the Government in connection with the operation of a company, including:
• Calculate and report of individual and employees income tax returns monthly or annually.
• Preparing and reporting of monthly VAT returns.
• Compiling and reporting corporate income tax return.
• Assisting or representing the Clients in tax audits, tax objection, tax refunds and act as Tax Court Attorney.
• Preparation of financial statements for tax purposes.
Tax Audit Assistance & Consulting
We provide expert advice services to individual or company based on our best understanding to the laws and regulations. We provide a structured and systematic explanation to make it easily understood and applied for our clients.
We also provide a consultation that covers all aspects of taxation such as general provisions and procedures of taxation, income tax, VAT and other tax aspects.
Tax Planning
Tax savings can be made through tax management. Tax management is a means to fulfill the tax obligations properly but the amount of tax paid will be structured as efficient as possible through a Tax Planning. We will assist you in achieving the goal by analyzing your business activities first and then we will prepare a model for you to calculate your tax obligations to be paid.

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