Financial Statement Audit
We conduct our audit in accordance with the Public Accountant Professional Standards issued by Indonesia Association of Public Accountant (IAPI) and Financial Accounting Standard issued by The Indonesian Institute of Accountants (IAI). We are prepared to assist you in manage the risk and the management of your company to prepare transparant reports to be submitted to the shareholders includes:
• Audited financial statements for shareholders of the company.
• Audited financial statements for creditors in providing loans.
• Audited financial statements for Initial Public Offering (IPO) in the capital market.
Internal Audit
We have an effective method to understand the issues, find the root of the problem, and formulate the best solution for your problem. Our auditing solutions help you to reduce the potential failure in your company, avoiding the unethical reporting and help keep your valuable assets through, includes:
• Evaluating of your internal audit function.
• Using audit techniques/continuous monitoring.
• Creating, executing and providing feedback regarding risk management.
• Providing advise on your social responsibility report.
Investigative Audit
Our team combines our expertise in accounting and investigation skills to solve tax evasion and fraud. Our service includes:
• Assisting in finding fraud
• Assisting in finding loss due to fraudulet activities
• Assisting in finding the mode of fraud and advising on implementing policies to prevent fraud in the future.

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