Preparing Financial Statement
Bookkeeping is very important when you establish a new business or existing business. A Bookkeeping can inform us about the profit and loss of your business. We can provide you sustainable support and offer the solutions for your business, include:
• Assign our the best staff to administer of recording your accounting transactions.
• Preparation of financial statements in accordance with Financial Accounting Standards or the Financial Accounting Standards for Entities Without Public Accountability (SAK – ETAP ).
We will assist you in preparing financial statements and to ensure that you will have an accurate reports in timely manner in accordance with accounting standards.
Financial Advisory
Our team will also evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of your business processes to identify the fundamental issues of your problems. Then, we will create a standard of operating procedure (SOP) for your business processes. Additionally, we will assist you in finding the best tools to implement the SOP or to improve your current SOP, through:
• Analysis of the accounting treatment of a transaction.
• Implementation of regulations related to accounting and its impact on your business.
• Creating a SOP for financial accounting, implementing and training the software/system

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